Sugar Beet Factory

[Update (30/5/2018) - the applicant has decided not to pursue a planning application at this site. The information on this page is therefore now of historical interest only]

This community is supporting the campaigning group Stop The Beet Factory in opposing plans to build a gigantic sugar beet factory.

Dubai based Al Khaleej are preparing a planning application for submission to Harrogate District Council, to build a huge sugar beet plant on the A168, immediately north of Grade 1 listed Allerton Castle and gardens, north east of the junction of the A1 and A59 Knaresborough to York road. The complex will:

  • Cover 161 acres (130 football pitches)

  • Operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, resulting in 3,400 two way lorry trips per day, causing diesel pollution and traffic chaos all along the A59, A168 and as far as the York ring road

  • Result in a potential sickly sweet smell affecting a wide area with the additional risk of a 'bad eggs' smell from poisonous hydrogen sulphide produced by the cleaning process

  • Include 4 silos, each silo is taller than York Minster and twice the width of its front elevation

  • Affect land that provides habitat for wetland birds, wild flower meadows and nearby otters

  • Affect the setting of Allerton Castle and nearby conservation areas, having a negative impact on tourism employment

  • Be highly visible from Sutton Bank, Harrogate District and beyond, spoiling countryside views

The site selected by Al Khaleej is not suitable for a number of environmental and economic reasons and other brownfield locations make far more sense. The land is being sold by North Yorkshire County Council without regard to the environmental and social cost to their residents and we would urge you to support our campaign by contacting:

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