Village Oil Cooperative

Following discussions in 2015, a new contract has been negotiated with Tate Oil for the supply of heating oil to members of the West of Ouse Oil Syndicate (WOOS) covering the villages of Marton cum Grafton, Ouseburn, Whixley, Dunsforth and Green Hammerton.

The deal offers villagers the opportunity to place orders, at 3.95 p/litre above Platts price + VAT, at any time during the year (there is a December surcharge) with a 10 working days maximum delivery. The invoice price will be based on the price, the day before delivery. [Platts price is the standard price at which oil is purchased by suppliers such as Tate Oil. Obviously, this price can fluctuate.]

The minimum order volume is 500 litres and 24 notice of delivery will be sent by text if you provide a mobile phone number. The agreement requires a direct debit between you and Tate Oil and payment is taken 14 days after delivery. Tate Oil have contacted villagers directly by email to set up membership, access/log-in details and arrange direct debits.

To place an order see the panel on the right.

Since the inception of WOOS some 4/5 years ago, Tate Oil have, with few exceptions, been the major supplier offering consistently competitive prices and high service levels. It is against this background that Tate Oil has been awarded the supply contract. The agreement is for a period of 3 years (from 08.2015) and will be monitored.

Who can take advantage?

Anyone who lives within the parish of Marton cum Grafton or the other parishes that make up WOOS.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage is that we can enjoy lower prices for heating oil than we would otherwise achieve individually.

A secondary advantage is that a relatively small quantity of 500 litres can be purchased without incurring the normal price penalty. The price negotiated for us is universal on the day (or days) agreed for delivery. So whether you buy 500 or 2,000 litres the price per litre is the same.

This means you don't have to wait until your tank is nearly empty to get the best price; your tank could be topped up six times a year if you wish, as long as you take a minimum of 500 litres. So there's no reason to ever run short again.

Important note

There is no obligation to buy your oil through the WOOS scheme with Tate Oil.

Final comment

We thank Mike Aspinall for all his efforts during the years he coordinated all of our oil orders within the village.

To place an order

Call 08456 43 44 43 or go online to

At the top of the screen, select Buying Groups and then click WOOS.

Enter the password provided by Tate Oil and fill in the order form.