Superfast wireless broadband

Installations in the village

There are now quite a few properties in Marton and Grafton connected to the wireless broadband network, via one or other of the three repeater points in the village:

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If your house roof has a line-of-sight view to one of the above repeaters and you are interested in the service, please contact LNC (see box on the right).

To extend the coverage fully into Grafton, other repeater points are needed. You can see from the Grafton hill top repeater photo that there is considerable tree shading in Grafton and the signal will presently get no further than the top of Thorny Hill Lane.

LNC now require a minimum number of new subscribers before they will add additional repeaters. So, if you house is not within sight of the Grafton repeater please register with LNC and maybe try to persuade some of your neighbours to do likewise so that the minumum number is reached.

Existing telephone and broadband suppliers

Important: You do not need to cancel your existing broadband supplier before signing up with LNC. This is important for people with a combined BT phone/broadband service. Only do so once you are happy that LNC is delivering the service you expected.

There is nothing to stop you continuing to get your phone service from BT if you wish. Some people will feel happier doing this.

However, to get the cheapest overall deal it makes sense to consider moving away from BT altogether and getting your phone service by one of these methods:

  • Your existing mobile phone

  • Via the Internet (see Phone services below). Some residents are doing this now

What happens to your email address if you change?

This all depends; here are the possibilities:

  • If your email address is provided by your ISP, you probably won't be able to keep it. In this case LNC will issue you with a new email address. However, do check with your existing ISP.
    Note: The one known exception to this at the moment is BT. It appears you can keep your BT email address for a small monthly payment to BT.

  • If you use a webmail account such as Hotmail, Google mail or Yahoo! mail your email address is not affected.

  • If you have, or want to pay for, a domain, your email address is independent of your ISP and is not affected.

For more information on the way different ISPs handle this situation, take a look at this page:

Why change suppliers?

For many there may not be a great incentive to change from their existing broadband supplier via BT's copper lines - after all there are some great deals out there.

However, if you want / need a guaranteed performance of at least 5 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload (up to 20 Mbps is now available), without the wide speed variations and drop-outs that we now suffer, then this is a system worthy of serious consideration. You can also consider cancelling your BT landline service altogether and use the broadband for your phone calls (at additional cost of course - nothing is free: even Skype charge for calls to landlines!).


Wireless broadband is delivered to your home via a wireless network of transmitter/receivers and repeaters that pick up the broadband from a convenient fibre optic cable (in this case the school in Great Ouseburn). The provider installs a receiver/transmitter or repeater on your house (in the same way as a TV ariel or satellite dish) and this connects to your cable modem/wireless router via a network cable. If you have this system installed you may be able to use your existing modem/ wireless/ router but more likely you will need to buy new kit.

The system offers broadband speeds of at least 5 Mbps (Mbit/s) download and upload, which is many times faster than most of us currently achieve.

Phone services over the Internet are possible and are referred to as VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services. LN Communication will eventually offer this service (we have no timescale) but there are other companies out there doing the same thing (independent of your Internet Service Provider). For example Skype or other computer-to-computer systems (which make use of the microphone and speakers on your computer) and companies such as Vonage or Gradwell (which make use of your existing phone and don't need your computer to be switched on). A search of the Internet will list all the companies that offer these services.

LN Communications Ltd

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LNC websites: - this is the selling arm of the company and this site provides prices and T&Cs for for the service - this site is about LN Communications and the work they are involved in

Typical external installations

Typical LN Communications external installations

(the vertical antenna is an omni-directional repeater)

LNC presentation

If you missed the visit on 07-04-12 you can still see the presentation - LNC presentation (I've added a couple of notes for carification).

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